Save 15 percent on the Apple MagSafe Battery pack

The Apple MagSafe Battery pack recently launched in July, and we are now finally seeing the first significant discount on the magnetic power bank that usually costs $99. The MagSafe ecosystem may still be a bit underdeveloped, and there are some compelling alternatives from other manufacturers, but the little battery is a svelte option for juicing up an iPhone 12 or 13 on the go.

With 1,460mAh and 11.3Wh, the MagSafe battery doesn’t earn its praise on specifications alone, but it has the software integration that no other power bank — magnetic or wired — has, with on-screen animations and charge levels visible, so you know exactly how much charge is left. Not only can it charge certain iPhones, but while it’s recharging via its built-in Lightning port, Dieter Bohn mentioned in his review that it works great as a wired MagSafe charger. You can buy the MagSafe Battery for 15 percent off today at AT&T, bringing the price down to $84.

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